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The Housing Development Corporation of Rock Hill, formerly known as Rock Hill Joint Venture for Affordable Housing, celebrated its 30th year of incorporation on December 10, 2020. RHJVAH was the result of the findings of a group of individuals dedicated to the improvement of housing and economic opportunities for low to moderate-income persons. In its first ten years, more than 120 families have benefited through new construction of affordable homes; first-time homebuyer education and assistance; World Changers rehabilitation projects; and other owner-occupied rehabs. 

The organization became the Housing Development Corporation of Rock Hill in 2007. The organization has constructed three neighborhoods - Greentree (28 homes), Briarcliff (26 homes), and the Village at Arcade (29 homes) - and built approximately 40 houses for rent and homeownership. HDCRH also operates 30 rental homes, assists dozens of homeowners per year with needed home repairs, provides thousands of dollars in homeless prevention assistance, educates hundreds of first-time homebuyers, and provides thousands of dollars of down payment assistance to first-time homebuyers. 




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  My job is to manage the behind  the scenes, keep it all together  and guide the team to deliver the best services.

Corinne Sferrazza

 Executive Director

I do this because I love seeing people thrive and do well, be part of their success story.


My job is to coordinate the Housing Rehabilitation


David Martin

Housing Rehab Coordinator

I do it because I like being at the 

forefront of building & safeguarding our vibrant community & ensuring safe homes and thriving neighborhoods.


My job is to Help educate, assist and counsel first time homebuyers.

Jordan Hamrick

Community Development Coordinator

I do this because I want to help inspire and empower first-time homebuyers

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My job is to meet pre-qualified applicants to conduct case management sessions and manage resources such as funding.

Sarah Bechtold

Case Manger

I do this because I like helping people get where they want to in life, being part of someone's life and story.


My job is to assist applicants through application process and check eligibility to receive assistance. 

Beverly Buchanan

Community Development Clerk

 I do this because I love working with people and the fulfilling feeling of helping people.

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My job is to coordinate the housing rehab program.

Ryan Powell

Housing Rehab Coordinator

I do this because I like building relationships and helping people improve not only their house but  their life.

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My job is to coordinate homeless and housing services for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Miguel Rullan

Housing Program Coordinator

I do this because I'm passionate about helping people at their lowest to get to their highest

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My job is to manage the HDC's affordable rental units and coordinate with tenants on waitlist when units  become vacant

Danielle Sanders

Community Development Assistant

I do this because I believe everyone deserves a roof over their head. 




Naomi Carpenter

Mary Reid

Phyllis Fickling

Thomas Roper

Sharon Hines

Kathy Pender

Will Jordan

Sandra Oborokumo

Walter Hardin, Chairperson

Perry Sutton

David LeGrande

Anne Lambert,

Vice Chairperson

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