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Housing Development




Tenant and landlord Rights

Tenant Duties:​

  • Pay rent on time 

  • Keeping the unit reasonably clean and safe and disposing garbage safely 

  • Keeping all plumbing fixtures clean 

  • Properly using all electrical, plumbing, AC/heating, and other appliances.  

  • Not deliberately destroying the unit (including family and guests) 

  • Not disturbing other tenants 

  • Complying with an rules and regulations put in place for safety, welfare, and convenience of tenants.  

  • To not prevent the landlord from  

  • showing the rental unit to potential owners/lessors 

  • Inspecting the premises 

  • Conducting any repairs or improvements 

  • To provide the landlord with a written updated forwarding address after termination of tenancy. 

Tenant Rights: 

  • 24-hour notice of the landlord's intent to enter the unit  

    • between the hours of 8:00am-8:00pm for requested services 

    • Between hours of 9:00am-6:00pm for regularly scheduled services. 

  • Returned security deposit and/or an itemized receipt of the deductions from the security deposit. 

  • If no prepaid rent or security deposits is returned, tenant may pursue any owed money x3 and reasonable attorney fees. 

  • No more than a yearlong lease without a signed lease 

  • Tenant may end the lease at any point by writing with specifics if the landlord fails to keep the unit in a safe livable condition. 

  • Must give a 14-day period for the landlord to fix any problems.  

  • Tenant can go to court to try and recover damages or obtain legal relief.  

  • If unlawfully removed from the unit, tenant can recover an amount equal to 3 months' rent or 2x the actual damages sustained. 

  • If unit is damaged by fire/casualty the tenant may vacate and notify the landlord in writing within 7 days with intention to terminate the rental agreement. 

  • Should they choose to stay, if any part of the unit is unusable, tenants' liability for rent should be reduced 

  • If not responsible for the fire/casualty, tenant is entitled to their security deposit and prepaid rent.

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